About easyquote Services

easyquote provides customers with one option on how to look for a pre-defined service. This is through a quote based system whereupon a company can review and bid on the brief posted by the consumer, simply put:

You tell the system what you need by answering a few questions outlined by the system.

Once you’ve submitted your quote request online, the brief is then reviewed by the easyquote team, only upon approval, will interested companies that fit the criteria that has been set be notified.

The system will attempt to match you with up to at least 10 companies within your designated area. Companies will be notified and will opt-in accordingly. Both parties have the right to reject either the brief or the quote submitted.

Upon accepting the quote, the company will then be asked to pay a set admin fee for connecting the two willing users. Once the company has made payment, the system will then release the customers details.